Art in Las Vegas Casinos

Find The Artistic Side of Las Vegas Casinos

When visiting any Las Vegas casino, art is more than likely not at the forefront of someone’s mind. In order to avoid missing an experience of seeing some of the finest art ever created, one should reschedule a few hours of gambling and trade it in for art viewing! Casinos in Las Vegas such as Bellagio and The Kush Fine Art Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino feature beautiful representations of truly fine art. Learn more about Las Vegas fine art here.

A Trip Into Bellagio

In the midst of a hectic casino environment, Bellagio offers a peaceful getaway for those that have an eye for the fine arts. Exhibitions change every so often, however, they always feature art from the most talented of artists past. Currently, Bellagio is featuring an exhibition of Picasso’s work. Paintings, linocuts, and lithographs from the time periods of the 1930s to the 1970s line the walls.

As any fan of Picasso knows, saying that the man was talented with a brush was an understatement. Picasso managed to capture the pure beauty in anything he created. Line, movement, and color are all vibrantly portrayed all throughout the forty five plus masterpieces Bellagio has on display! The entire exhibition being featured of Pablo Picasso’s work ranges over the forty years that he created fine art.

Walking Into The World of Kush

Nestled into the Planet Hollywood Casino in Las Vegas, is the gallery of Vladimir Kush’s fine artistic creations.

Shortly after being enlisted into the Russian military at the age of 17, Vladimir was peacefully released to paint propagandistic posters for war time. Upon entering manhood, Vladimir continued to paint portraits on the streets in Russia to support his family. In 1990, Vladimir Kush came to America, specifically Los Angeles, where he sold quite a few of his art pieces.

In 2001, Kush opened his first gallery in Hawaii, and now has a few galleries throughout the world. One such gallery is in Las Vegas, in its own Planet Hollywood Casino. This gallery location is a popular locale for both tourists and celebrities alike.

In The Most Unlikely of Places Will Peace Be Found

It is almost ironic to think that some of the busiest places in America, such as casinos in Las Vegas, Nevada, would be home to some of the most beautiful and thought provoking fine art. These galleries located in the Las Vegas casinos give people a chance to see some of the most influential art, both from the past and more modern times. What a unique experience it is to be able to view the fine arts right in the middle of “Sin City”.

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